What did we learn from SCOPE 2017?

This was the main topic for key participants, planners and the evaluation team when they gathered for a seminar at the Danish Ministry of Defense in Viborg, Denmark.

– Exercise SCOPE 2017 is not over until we have conducted a thorough evaluation and given our recommendations in a way forward plan, “says project manager Stig Wahlstrøm. The final evaluation report will be ready on 1st of May and the input from the participants at the seminar is an important part of the background data. Already, the feedback suggests that the comprehensive planning phase before exercise SCOPE were crucial to the success of the exercise. Many have also emphasized that the exercise gave good training in practical operations and procedures, not least in coordinating efforts from Norwegian, Swedish and Danish resources.

Evaluation creates better practice

“We have learned a lot about the planning and implementation of a major exercise through SCOPE 2017. Now we also know how crucial it is to make good evaluations, to ensure we are still getting better practice,” says Wahlstrøm. The findings in the evaluation report and plan for follow-up will be documented and presented in September 2018.

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