SCOPE 2017 hits milestones

The Norwegian Coastal Administration hosted a three-day conference in Langesund last week, which brought together 55 representatives from the participating organisations in the SCOPE 2017 project.

The gathering proved a great success and important progress was made towards final preparations. Several topics were addressed, including discussions relating to different scenarios, which were addressed by cross-disciplinary experts from the participating nations and organisations.

Parallel to the conference talks in Langesund, our communication consultant attended the  Nor-Shipping conference in Oslo to generate awareness about SCOPE 2017. Many international media expressed interest in learning more about the project, which was referenced by several media during Nor-Shipping.

Nor-Shipping foto

Plans are now being made to continue our communication efforts to raise more awareness and engagement in SCOPE 2017 in the run-up to the exercise in September. Photo: Nor-Shipping


SCOPE 2017 in media:

Ship & Bunker




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