General information about SCOPE

Our new folders are printed in english and norwegian language, and tell you the background for SCOPE 2017, the objectives and activities with the overall aim:

  • The exercise shall contribute to improved national and international coordination of vessel accidents involving hazardous and polluting cargoes.
  • The exercise shall strengthen collaboration between the signatories to the Copenhagen Agreement, Bonn Agreement and with the EU support, and make the best possible use of the resources, services and guidelines offered through the EU.

This will be achieved through the following activities and exercise elements:

  • Scenario and arrangements for the exercise which contribute to realistic challenges for all participants in such areas as coordination, information management and other conditions of significance for effective management of the incident
  • Implement correct notification measures nationally and internationally, including activation of the mechanism and the mobilisation of international support
  • Have arrangements for host nation support in accordance with the EU’s Host Nation Support Guidelines, national guidelines and the Norwegian Coastal Administration’s plans
  • Train and exercise on collaboration between Norwegian players and between national and international players over conditions involving serious oil and chemical pollution
  • Train and exercise plans for claims management and plans for place of refuge
  • Train and exercise EU Civil Protection-team to a marine pollution incident
  • Establishment of crisis management locally, nationally and internationally
  • Handling accidental vessels
  • Chemical operation at sea, Marine Incident Response Group
  • Oil spill response at sea and onshore
  • Operations during night time
  • Prioritising environmentally sensitive areas in plans and orders

Scope folder ENG nettScope folder ENG nett22

For SCOPE-folder in Norwegian, please click here.

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