International interest in SCOPE2017

SCOPE2017 was presented to a number of countries and organisations last week. The Norwegian Coastal Administration has noticed great interest in how a major pollution incident at sea can be handled and organised across national borders.

Brief presentations of SCOPE2017 have already been given by senior advisers Kjetil Aasebø and Ole Kristian Bjerkemo in Malta and in England respectively.

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In connection with its assumption of the EU presidency from 2017, Malta wishes to direct attention towards maritime issues and international cooperation.

The Norwegian Coastal Administration and DSB (the Directorate for Civil Protection and Emergency Planning) are participating together at a workshop in Valetta focusing on different shipping incidents and how individual nations and regions handle and organise such incidents.

“The Norwegian Coastal Administration was invited to give a presentation of the SCOPE2017 exercise, which we are organising during the autumn of 2017 with support from the EU,” says senior adviser Kjetil Aasebø.

Great interest from the IMO

His colleague, senior adviser Ole Kristian Bjerkemo, is responsible for coordinating international activity in emergency planning at the Norwegian Coastal Administration. He participated on behalf of the Norwegian Coastal Administration at a meeting organised by the International Maritime Organisation IMO, which held a meeting of the PPR sub-committee (Sub-Committee for Pollution Prevention).

“I used this opportunity to give a short briefing about the SCOPE2017 exercise. Great interest was expressed, with many questions,” says Bjerkemo.

Wide ranging invitations

The main objective of the exercise is to increase the level of expertise in and training for national and international cooperation, especially during maritime emergencies. “The Norwegian Coastal Administration has invited a wide range of participants who can play an active role in this exercise,” explains project manager for the exercise, Stig Wahlstrøm. Invitations have been sent to observers who can give useful feedback, as well as benefiting from observing the exercise themselves.

“We will also follow up with countries and industry organisations that notify us of their interest in participating as observers of the exercise” says Wahlstrøm.

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